It is extremely important to know that you can choose where you want to go to get your prosthesis made. Your doctor may direct you to a certain facility but that does not mean it is the best fit for you. Please do your research as this is an item that will affect the rest of your life.

This is not a one size fits all and you need to be sure you are comfortable with your prosthetist and that you feel you are receiving the best care possible. The fit and component selection are very important factors that will help you succeed and reach your goals.


We offer free evaluations to all patients who are preparing for an amputation, have recently been through an amputation or who are already receiving prosthetic services but are unhappy with the care they are receiving. We understand every single person’s circumstances are different and we are happy to discuss your individual needs and answer any questions you may have. During evaluations and consultations, we provide educational materials as well as references so that you can explore the world of prosthetics to better understand the process and what you should expect when being fit for your custom prosthesis.

Our Patients Speak For Us

At Bremer Prosthetics our patients are the ones who speak to the level of care and expertise we provide for each individual. We cannot stress how important it is to choose the right prosthetist. Most people think their only option is to be fit with an off-the-shelf prosthesis, but at Bremer we custom fit your prosthesis for you and only you. The difference is life changing.


Educational & Motivational Videos

At Bremer Prosthetics we understand that amputees want to return to the activities that have always been a part of their lives. Our goal is to enable each amputee to reach a place where the focus of his or her life is no longer on a lost limb but on the career and hobbies around which they’ve built their lives. Bremer Prosthetics provides expert patient care and education to amputees by designing, fitting and fabricating the highest quality prostheses available.

We plan on releasing videos that help: Educate, Motivate & Inspire you to remove the the label of being disabled.

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April is limb loss awareness month. With April reaching its end, we wanted to launch our kickoff video about limb loss awareness! This will be the first of many videos in our series as we want people to be aware of limb loss, not only in April, but all year long! #DontDISStheABLE #Limblossawareness #triathlon #amputee #DisABILITY #Customfit #amputeeawareness #prosthesis #education #design #exercise #swimming #cycling #running

Posted by Bremer Prosthetics on Monday, April 30, 2018

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