Once we have spoken to you about the process and have approval from your doctor, our next step is to take measurements and create a custom cast of your residual limb.

The cast is made out of plaster bandages that are wet and wrapped around your limb to harden.  

This cast will be removed creating a replica of your limb to be used as a model from which to fabricate the first test socket of your new prosthesis!


We offer free evaluations to all patients who are preparing for an amputation, have recently been through an amputation or who are in process and unhappy with the care they are receiving. We understand every single person’s circumstances are different and we are happy to discuss your individual needs and answer any questions you may have. During evaluations and consultations, we provide educational materials as well as references so that you can explore the world of prosthetics to better understand the process and what you should expect when being fit for your custom prosthesis.