- Richard H.

“It was in May, 2013 that the decision was made to amputate my lower right leg. My foot was full of ulcers and I had pain when I walked every day for 5 years. I had a great surgeon, Dr. James Shepich at the University of Michigan in Midland that I had known for several years. Even though I was comfortable with my decision it still was a tremendous shock to wake up and see my leg missing. Would I ever walk again? Even though I have tremendous faith in god, I still, at times, questioned my decision.

Then, after a few weeks, most of my questions were answered when I met Scott and Jared from Bremer Prosthetics. I was terrified as I had been in a nursing home for over 6 months with little to no activity. They left me at ease, as they took the time to explain everything that was going to happen to me. They were very patient with me and explained that this was going to take time before I would walk again.

It is now 3 years later and I am walking very well. In fact, most people don’t even know I am an amputee until I tell them. I am thankful to be back working full time, golfing, biking, and doing many outdoor activities thanks to the support at Bremer. The professionalism of Scott and his staff is refreshing in today’s fast paced business world. Most importantly, they REALLY CARE about you and make sure you are satisfied.”

- Vernice D.

“In 2009 I was having many issues with my foot and the doctors were unable to determine the cause. As time went on the infection got worse and I was then diagnosed with cellulitis which is an infection under the skin. In November 2011 I became a below the knee amputee. I was still having some issues with the infection so they decided it was time to amputate my leg above the knee which took place in December 2011. I had known Scott prior to my amputation as I was working at a CNA home health care and I had many of my patients seeing Scott. I was highly impressed with his work and the way he treated the patients I was working with. I knew without a doubt that Bremer is where I would be going for my prosthetic leg. They have been wonderful to me since day one. They treat me like family and make me feel like I am at home. They truly care about my health and getting me back on my feet and working towards my goals. The team is incredibly supportive and understanding which is key when going through such a terrible situation. They also offer a wonderful program – Step Up! Which is a great place to learn different activities on your prosthesis. They offer this program for free and it is not only a great place to get active but a wonderful support group! It brings together amputees to converse and talk about their situation and allows you to see people in all different stages of the prosthesis. I thank them for creating this program and treating me with respect and always going above and beyond for me. There is truly nowhere better to go than Bremer Prosthetics! ”

- Scott M.

“In 2011 I lost both of my legs below the knee. Before I ever left the hospital, I was payed a visit from Bremer's. Little did I know, that visit would be the beginning of a phenomenal relationship between Bremer's and myself. I can't say enough about the exceptional care they give and how I've never felt like just another patient. Five years later, I am back to work and doing great, all thanks to the care they have given me. They are all such wonderful people, constantly adjusting their schedule to accommodate my needs. When I first lost my legs, I never dreamed that the care I would get would help me return to work as a firefighter and paramedic. Today, that is my reality. I can say without any hesitation or doubt, that what they do makes ALL the difference, and I wouldn't be where I'm at today without them. Thank you, each and every one for the love, care and support you have given!”

- Carl C.

“Bremer Prosthetics is an outstanding company. They are a very close knit group and are very caring about their patients. They are there for you from day one and will stick with you to no end. They are not in the business for the money, they are in it because they truly care about their patients and do whatever it takes to treat everyone with the highest quality of care.”

- Casey Q.

“I lost my leg in 2012 in an accident and I had several surgeries before making the difficult decision to amputate my leg. There were many uncertainties with the surgeries which could have left me even worse off, so I decided my best option was to go with the amputation. I went to the location which I had my surgeries for my prosthesis. From there I was attending Physical Therapy at Mid-Michigan Health in Midland which is where I learned about the free Step Up! Classes that were being offered at Mid-Michigan Health by Bremer Prosthetics. While attending Step Up! I had met Scott and Jared and they were great right from the start. I had asked them many questions and from there decided I would give Bremer Prosthetics a try. I received exceptional care at Bremer and a socket which is much more comfortable than what I previously had. They custom fit and fabricate the prosthesis right on site to be sure it is as comfortable as possible. They are willing to go above and beyond and go out of their way if you need anything. Anyone I talk to with a prosthesis, I always tell them about Bremer and how great my experience has been. I am now back to traveling, duck hunting, fishing, and working in construction thanks to the help of Bremer Prosthetics.”

- Chrissy B.

“On January 19, 2010 I became a quadriplegic due to Kidney Stone blockage which sent my body into a complete shock. Upon my amputations I was going to a very well-known Prosthetic company where I was receiving mediocre care. I then had a chance to talk to one of my father’s friends who was also an amputee and he told me about Bremer Prosthetic Design and how happy he was with their services, so I decided to give them a try. I honestly could not agree more, Nate, Brian and the staff at Bremer are all wonderful! I couldn’t believe at what a difference their company was compared to where I was going prior. Everyone is so understanding, caring, and friendly and they go above and beyond to meet their patients’ needs. I can’t thank them enough for all of their support.”

- Duane C.

“I had a 6 year struggle with diabetes which left me a below the knee amputee. My primary concern after the amputation was that I wanted to be able to walk again without being noticed. I can’t thank Bremer Prosthetics enough for all that they have done for me and continue to do for me. They were there from day one at the hospital and joined in at my doctor’s appointments following the procedure. They not only provide exceptional care but they continue to go above and beyond for me. Taking care of their patients is the first thing on their mind and they do everything they can to help get you to where you want to be.

I have been asked many times by other amputees where I go as they are impressed with how far I have come on my prosthesis and I can say I definitely would not be where I am today without Bremer Prosthetics. I went to another prosthetic company prior to Bremer as I had lost just my foot first and the care I had received was nowhere close to the care I have received at Bremer. They are truly caring and compassionate about their patients and really have our best interest in mind.

After my amputation I attended physical therapy for 10 weeks, the amount of time covered by my insurance plan. After that I thought was done and quit attending therapy as this can become very costly. From there, I had talked to Scott about a free Step Up! Clinic that they offer to all lower limb amputees in the community and it has helped tremendously. They have you do different balancing exercises, weight shifting activities and sports to accommodate all levels of activities on your prosthesis. They volunteer to do these classes for free on their own time which has been a huge help in reaching my goals to resume my active lifestyle. I enjoy shooting hoops with my grandchildren, boating up north, and working under the hood of my ’72 Chevelle. I would not be able to do all of these actives without the continued classes and support provided by the team at Bremer Prosthetics.”

- Randy P.

“On October 3rd 1996, when I was 8 years old, I lost my leg in a lawn mower accident. Since I lost my leg I went to another prosthetic company and I was very dis-satisfied with my service. They really lost sight of my needs and were more focused on the money. I was in search of a new prosthetic company in the area and came across Bremer Prosthetics. I started coming to Bremer Prosthetics and could not be happier with my services. They are incredibly helpful and really focus on my wants and needs. They do not rush the appointment and schedule patients accordingly so you have little to no wait. The staff happily greets you when you arrive, offer you something to drink, and be sure you are taken care of prior to going back to see the certified prosthetist. The prosthetist at Bremer understand everyone is at different levels and want to be sure the fit is as comfortable as possible. They do not move on to the next step of the prosthesis until I am satisfied and they feel you ready to move on to the next step which has made a huge difference in comfort. I work 8 hour days 6 days a week on my feet and since coming to Bremer I have been in a lot less pain come the end of the day. They know my goal is to be able to work 12 hour days on my feet and are continually working on my prosthesis to be sure I am able to reach that comfort level. I did not let losing my leg stop me from living a normal life. I enjoy martial arts, rock climbing, dirt bike riding, kayaking, and many other activities. Bremer has made such a huge difference in my life and I continually tell others about how wonderful my experience with them has been.”

- Rob D.

“When someone goes through losing a leg it is very difficult not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I thought I would never be the person I was prior to losing my leg. Scott was there from day one when my wife dropped me off for my procedure. I was sitting outside of the hospital in a wheel chair when Scott had walked up to greet me. Seeing how well he had walked I questioned if it was actually Scott and if he really did have a prosthetic leg. As we talked he gave me hope and took a lot of stress off of me after explaining the reasons behind why it takes ~2 years for the rehabilitation process. As I continue through my journey, Bremer Prosthetics has been there to make a bad situation, as good as they can. The staff has made my experience as stress free as possible. They are so caring and compassionate and I really do love and appreciate them more than they know! The staff continues to make me laugh and joke even the days I just want to cry. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do to help get me back on my feet.”

- Roslie E.

“My prayers were answered! I was so fearful and afraid when I was losing my leg on account of circulation. The staff at Bremer Prosthetics are by far the best people I have ever worked with. Scott’s personal experience as an amputee was very motivating to me, as I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair. Even during the times I was feeling down and doubted I would ever walk again, Scott was there to continue to push me to reach my goals and gave me hope that I would be walking in no time. I always receive a very personal experience from the team at Bremer Prosthetics. Scott is very caring not only to his patients but to his family. I can’t thank the Bremer team enough for all of their support and how they continue to going above and beyond for me. I thank god for putting me in the hands of all of them there.”

- Terry R.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better. The staff at Bremer prosthetics are great! Everyone is so friendly and down to earth, they are willing to joke around with you and have a great positive atmosphere. I am a bi-lateral amputee and have been coming to see Scott for about 7 years. Prior to coming to Bremer I have been to many different prosthetic companies and I can say once I found Bremer, they kept me coming back. I recommend Bremer Prosthetics to everyone I see with an amputation. Scott is so honest and caring and always there when you need him. He is just a phone call away and always willing to do whatever it takes to take care of his patients. He gave me my life back and pushed me to reach my goals on my prosthesis. I thank them for everything they have done to get me back on my feet to allow me to get back to living a normal life. ”