Patient Spotlight: Duane P.

Two days after Christmas in 2011, Duane P. went to his job at Huron Casting where he works as a supervisor of skilled trades. He couldn’t possibly have foreseen the work related accident that would happen that day and would leave him facing the prospect of living as an above knee amputee. The accident would change his life but according to Duane it didn’t change as much as he thought it would.

“I didn’t know what the future held,” said Duane as he recalled his initial thoughts on becoming an amputee. “I never knew anyone who was an amputee.”

If Duane had never known any amputees prior to his accident, he met two amputees shortly after the accident. Scott Baranek, a below knee amputee and Kris Wise, an above knee amputee met with Duane along with Nate Kapa to let him know what he could expect as far as prosthetic fitting and fabrication. Scott and Kris were able to tell him, first-hand, what to expect in life as an amputee.

Scott and Nate, both certified prosthetists and owners of Bremer Prosthetics, put Duane at ease as they evaluated him and began the process of getting him back up on his feet and walking.

Today Duane is back at work and back to his favorite sports. An outdoor enthusiast, Duane enjoys hunting, kayaking and cycling.

Duane says that “just returning to normal life” is his greatest accomplishment and adds, “I want to thank everyone for their help. In addition to the help from Nate and Kris I had tremendous support from my co-workers.”