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Patient Spotlight: Dawn O.

The prospect of an amputation due to the effects of diabetes was terrifying for Dawn O. who became a right, below knee amputee in May 2013.

“My doctor had warned me and prepared me for a couple years,” said Dawn, “and finally I decided I’d dealt with enough pain and I went ahead with the amputation.”

The days just after an amputation are filled with anxiety but Dawn’s confidence was restored after a post-operative consult provided by Bremer Prosthetics.

“Scott from Bremer Prosthetics visited me right after my amputation and shared with me that he was also an amputee,” said Dawn. “That visit helped me determine that my amputation wouldn’t limit me and I began to set goals for my recovery. I resolved that I would be standing by the Fourth of July when my kids were planning to visit from California.”

And eight weeks after her amputation, Dawn was standing in her kitchen when her children arrived to see her.

Dawn chose to attend the Step Up! Clinic at Covenant Healthcare to continue her gait training. “The Step Up! Clinic really challenges amputees and I wanted to be pushed so I could reach my goals” said Dawn.”

Dawn enjoys offering support to other amputees whenever possible. She doesn’t mince words when advising anyone anticipating an amputation. “Accept it. You’re okay. It’s not the end of your life. Get out of the wheelchair as fast as you can!”